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Integral yoga is an ancient movement practice that combines spacious breathing with deep rinsing postures, helping us to restore an emotional wellbeing along with good anatomical alignment.

"I have had a real difficult year with my physical and emotional health and have struggled with fatigue. It's amazing how an hour of Jay's yoga classes helps to transform how I feel.....I am still amazed how well yoga has helped me" 

                                        -Michelle R.

"That was a fantastic class tonight Jay. At the end my whole body felt as though it was floating above the ground." 

                                          - John P

There is a place for all shapes and sizes and levels of ability (my oldest and one of the best students is 85 years old)

We don't try to tie ourselves up in knots or push through discomfort. The role of a 'correct posture' or outer performance is minimised here, the emphasis is on opening, softening, undoing and releasing.

Filling every part of your body with breath and therefore awakening & nourishing areas of the body we may have forgotten. This is a colourful, enchanting and quite a mesmerising approach . You soon begin to understand it's far more powerful to be unique, than to be perfect.

" Your classes mean the world to me-I love the energy you bring and your constant positive, supportive instructions"                   -David G

So in this approach we are not looking for a stunning posture, we are looking for where we can fill the body with more aliveness and vitality.

"Yoga has a clever way of short circuiting the emotional & mental patterns that make you feel happier"

People come to yoga for many reasons. For some it's a realignment of the body. For some it's a sanctuary from the stresses and pace of daily life. For some it's a way of meeting other people. For others it's an inner healing, a nourishment and restoration of the emotional and hormonal systems. To others it's a meditative and spiritual practice.

We have beginners yoga classes starting all the time

~ Ancient flowing postures ~ Deep internal alignment ~ Spacious powerful breathing ~ Challenging & deeply calming ~ Empowering and fun ~ Flexibility, Strength, Mindfulness.

Your Teacher Jay, has over 30 years anatomy and yoga experience. He has taught all over the world and currently has two books in print. 

When we practice yoga, we connect with something very safe inside, a place without judgement. 

Yoga gives you the tools to take care of yourself,
Emotionally,  Mentally &  Physically

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